Kids Club

Kids Club Accounts come with free standard checks, paper statements, and online banking. Open one now!

It’s never too early to instill proper money management habits in your children! Help them get a headstart towards maintaining good financial health. Our KIDS CLUB accounts are designed for children from birth to 18 years!


Minimum to Open- $5.00

Monthly Service Fee- $0.00

  • All KIDS CLUB accounts must have a joint account holder who is a parent or legal guardian on their account.

  • Young adults 16 and up are eligible to open a checking account.

  • Visa Debit cards and credit cards are available for qualified KIDS CLUB members once they reach the age of 18. 



Parent/ Legal Guardian:

  • A valid government issued picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License)

  • Proof of Membership Eligibility*


  • A copy of Birth Certificate or a valid government issued picture ID (e.g. US Passport, State ID, etc.)