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Why Go It Alone?

AdventHealth Credit Union is pleased to introduce our exclusive Car Buying Concierge Service, AUTOADVISORS.

Here are a few of the benefits that come with our new concierge service.

•             Shop from tens of thousands of new and used vehicles all online.

•             Most transactions can be completed remotely via phone & email.

•             In most instances, AUTOADVISORS can deliver vehicle to your home, office, or credit union branch

•             AUTOADVISORS will guide you through your lease turn-in process and whether to buy and resell for a profit.

Bringing the Showroom to You

It seems like it’s getting easier every day to buy a car online. What if AdventHealth Credit Union could not only pre-approve your vehicle financing but make the process of shopping for your dream car even easier? That exactly the thought process that went into introducing AUTOADVISORS.

If you know exactly what you want, AUTOADVISORS can offer guidance on every aspect of the car purchase as needed. AUTOADVISORS will even accompany you to a dealer or multiple appointments with their dedicated dealer contacts if you want to test drive a car. AUTOADVISORS will provide details of new features, technologies, and engineering (plus rebates and incentives), so you are an informed buyer.  If you like what you see, the concierge team can help walk you through the process of in-home, in-office or in-branch purchasing!

How Does It Work?

  1. Get preapproved!
  2. Be sure that you understand the details of your AHCU pre-approval.
    • Example:  Interest rate, estimated monthly payment and any loan stipulations, etc.
  3. Contact your AHCU Auto Advisor at 800.929.8971
  4. Once you have approved the vehicle, AUTOADVISORS will coordinate delivery.

Example:  Interest rate, estimated monthly payment and any loan stipulations, etc.


  • AUTOADVISORS will also shop your trade-in for maximum value.
  • AUTOADVISORS is not a dealer and will never pass title or buy vehicles.
  • AUTOADVISORS is committed to having your best interests in mind.
  • AUTOADVISORS audit each transaction, and nothing is left to chance. They are there for you even AFTER the delivery of your vehicle.
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