Personal Accounts


Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for AHCU membership you must fall under one of the categories below and reside in the State of Florida:

  • Employees of Florida Hospital, members of the medical staff of Florida Hospital, members of the auxiliary of Florida Hospital
  • Florida Seventh-day Adventist organizations, employees (including employees of Adventist Health System located in Florida), auxiliaries and retirees
    Donors of the Florida Hospital Foundation** PLEASE NOTE: DONATIONS DO NOT GUARANTEE MEMBERSHIP. Donate Here!
  • Faculty, staff, and students of Adventist University of Health Sciences
  • Members of the Seventh-day Adventists church** in the State of Florida
  • Members of the immediate families of any of the aforementioned

    * If you are eligible via a $5-dollar contribution to the Florida Hospital Foundation, please provide a receipt or screen print of the donation from the website.

    ** If you are eligible through the Seventh Day Adventist Church, please provide an official letter from the church stating that you are a member of that church.

How To Apply

Once you meet any of the eligibility criteria above, the following items will be requested to open your membership account:

  • A valid government issued picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License)
  • Proof of Membership Eligibility* (i.e. Hospital I.D. badge)
  • Minimum deposit of $5.00 for your Share Savings account