Fee Schedule

Savings/Checking Fees – Effective August 2022

Savings/Checking Fee TypeCharge
To open accountNo charge

Minimum Balance Fee
(Balance in Share Savings drops below
$5 at any point during the month)
Checking Account Maintenance Fee
The maintenance fee is waived if any one of these apply to you,
• Direct deposit a minimum of $500 per month to your checking account.
• At least 5 Point of Sale (POS) debit card transactions per month, e.g., debit card purchases.
• At least 1 loan per household, e.g., holiday loan.
• At least 1 credit card per household.
• At least $5,000 aggregate average balance per household, for e.g., savings $500, checking $500, Christmas
Overdraft Protection Transfer to cover
item in Checking/Share Draft

Inactive Account Fee (No in-person or PIN [debit card] transaction/activity for at least 12 months)$5/month
Balance Less than $1000
Overdraft – Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF)
$20/per item
Returned Item Fee$20/per item
Stop Payment Fee$25/request
Courtesy Pay (Transactions above $30)$30/item
CheckbooksPrices based on style
Uncollected Funds$10/item if paid

Christmas Club Account withdrawals (if prior to November 1st or after December 31st)$5/withdrawal

Money Market Account Minimum balance Fee (If Balance drops below $2000 at any point during the month)$10/month

Excessive Transfer Fee The credit union limits the number of automatic transfers, from an interest-bearing account to any other account, to 6 transfers per month. The categories of transactions for which an Excessive Withdrawal Fee may be imposed are: CUTalk transfers, online transfers, overdraft protection transfers, transfers done over the phone with a member service representative, and ACH withdrawals.$10/transfer

Service Fees

Service Fee TypeCharge
Statement Delivery Fee
Account Research
Foreign Item Collection Fee
Gift Cards$4/each
Wire Transfer - Domestic Incoming$10
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing$20
Wire Transfer International Incoming$20/each
Wire Transfer International Outgoing$45/each
Paid Items (cancelled check, paid official checks)
Statement Copies
Statement returned (bad address)
Money Order Fee
Official Check Fee
Money Order Stop Payment Fee$25/each
Official Check Stop Payment Fee$25/each
Check Cashing Fee (On Us) – Non Member
Verification of Deposit$10/each
Escheatment Fee$50/reporting
Subpoena (research for court)$20/hour

EFT Services

EFT Service Fee TypeCharge
CU Talk (Telephone Banking)Free

Online Banking with Bill Pay


Account to Account (A2A) Transfer Fee (Incoming & Outgoing) Free

ATM Insufficient Withdrawal

$20 per transaction
Out of Network (Non CU24 CU Here) ATM Use Fee

$1/transaction or inquiry

Replacement Debit Card – Temp or Perm Card*

ACH Insufficient Funds Transaction (Payment/Debit)l


Share Value

Par Value of one share
(minimum 5 shares required)

Lending/Credit Card Fees

Lending/Credit Card Fee TypeCharge
Consumer Loan Late Fee$25 per late payment
Loan Return Payment Fee


Credit Card Late Fee$25 per late payment
Credit Card Replacement Fee*

Credit Card Return Payment Fee

Credit Card Statement Fee$5/copy

Mortgage Fees

Mortgage Late Fee payment5% of overdue payment

HELOC Late Fee$25.00 per late payment

*Fee waived on compromised cards and 1st time replacements.