AdventHealth Credit Union is once again offering our 12.12.12. Holiday Loans.

Loan:   1200.00

Rate:    12%APR*

Term:   12 mos.

Additional terms and conditions are listed below.
1. Minimum credit score 600.
2. No outstanding judgments, charge-offs, repossessions, government claims, foreclosures or tax liens.
3. Bankruptcies must be discharged.
4. Borrower cannot be enrolled with a debt management service.
5. All AHCU accounts must be in good standing.
6. AHCU membership of at least 90 days is required.
7. Must be employed for a period of at least 1 year.
8. Regular monthly debt ratios are not applicable.
9. Outstanding Credit Builder Loans must be paid in full prior to disbursement.

*Annual Percentage Rate.

For more details call, chat or email us!

(407) 303-1527